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Snubbed is a visually fun and functional app developed for those who want to manage and maintain healthy social media habits and communication skills. Snubbed lets you set automated filters across your apps, contacts and media to promote healthier social media habits. You can also block certain incoming or outgoing communication to protect you from regrettable calling or texting blunders during those times when you simply lack self-control.

App Functions

Unplug or disconnect from social media



Block incoming and/or outgoing calls or texts





Store sensitive or private photos and media


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How Snubbed Is Different From Its Competitors

Snubbed is highly functional.

Snubbed lets you block yourself from calling or texting certain contacts. Unlike other apps which simply do not work to protect you from such embarrassing moments, the developers of Snubbed have figured out a way to achieve its intended purpose every time.

Snubbed has multi-purpose functions.

Unlike other apps which are designed to solve a single problem, Snubbed has 4 different features all rolled into one app. These 4 distinct features are collectively designed to help you manage, maintain and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Is the Snubbed app free?

Yes. Snubbed is a free app developed for both Android and iOS.

Which versions of Android are supported?

Coming soon

Which versions of iOS are supported?

Coming soon

Where can I download the app?

Coming soon

Will the Snubbed app run without access to internet connection?

Coming soon

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